BENDE Parts Catalog find and buy original and aftermarket auto parts at this online shop

In this Bende parts catalog you can also find some parts if you choose your car brand from the list below and then if you select the exact model with the year of manufacture and the type of engine. All the details are presented by categories and are grouped for convenience. In this online Bende parts store you will be able to compare the prices of different suppliers and choose the appropriate option for you ordering spare parts online.

A full list of cars can be seen below on the home page.

Model List
Name From To
Vehicle List
Info Type Description From To Power (HP) Volume (cc) Structure Type Axle configuration Tonnage
QY6360 1.1 BENDE QY SERIES QY6360 1.1 2001 52 1051 Bus 0.00
QY6370 1.0 BENDE QY SERIES QY6370 1.0 2001 45 970 Bus 0.00
QY6481 2.2 BENDE QY SERIES QY6481 2.2 2001 102 2237 Bus 0.00

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